getting to know you (me), getting to know all about you (me)

Hello, it’s me…I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet…

If you read my other blog that I just closed, then you may know me very well already. If you’ve never read that blog, then you have no idea all the stupendous fun you have missed! (And no, I will not provide you a link back. It is closed. Done. Let it gooooo….let it GO!) (Next, I shall break into an Ariana Grande song and then you’ll really wonder if I’m the right blog writer for you).

Here’s a Facebook meme (because it’s quick, and I’m lazy) to introduce me. I never did it on Facebook because I got distracted (because I have adult-onset ADD). You can also go to my :about: page. I introduce me there, too, in non-meme form. There may be some ADD feels to it, though.

Available or single? Not legally and no.

Best Friend: I have a good, tight small circle of friends, mostly women.  Of all of these, if I had to choose a”Best” friend, I’ll go with my sister in law every time. Over the years, she’s literally become less of an in-law, and more of just a sister.

Cake or pie: Oh, cake please. Chocolate icing, chocolate cake, with chocolate fudge filling in the middle. Chocolate ice cream on the side.

Drink of choice: Riesling. I’m a big fan of wine, but my favorite is Riesling. When not drinking Riesling (or other wine), I drink water and/or Diet Coke and/or iced tea.

Essential everyday item: iPhone. For years I was an Android user. Now I have an iPhone and (laaaaa! cue sound of angelic chorus): I totally get it now. I’m not camping out for 48 hours to get the newest version, and I’m not shelling out a lot of money on all of Apple’s other gadgetry, but I do understand iPhone fanatics. And I am happy to be one of you. (My other essential item is coffee. You may want to stay far, far away from me until I’ve gotten a good, big cup of it in me each morning.)

Favorite color: Blue and green, with some lavender thrown in for mystical purposes.

Google? All the time. Thank god for Google! Thank god for it. How in the world did we ever learn a thing before September 4, 1998 (fyi: I Googled “when was Google invented?” to find that date…see?).

Hometown: Danville, Kentucky. It’s where I spent all my formative years. It’s where I learned multiplication and division, had my first kiss, learned to drive a car AND a horse, graduated high school, and had many an adventure with some high school friends. I always tell people I was raised in the South, though down where I am now (Atlanta), they roll their eyes and tell me Kentucky’s not REALLY the South. Like, for Georgians I think Kentucky is kind of South lite: they don’t even know about sweet tea in Kentucky; they just say “y’all.”

Indulgences: Chocolate; wine; and spending an entire day in my PJs doing nothing, BEING nothing

January or February? February. It’s my birthday month. It’s also the month my dad died 14 years ago (15 this coming February). It’s a bittersweet time of year for me.

Kids? Yes – little Miss M, who is my sweet-hearted, overly opinionated, demanding, indignant, happy, angry, silly, flippant, diva drama queen 7 year old. And my heart. So please be gentle and kind to her, world.

Life is incomplete without: Miss M. Stories. Music. Irreverent and ironic people who make me laugh. Spirit AND Science. Friends. Naps. Art. Stories told via Art.

Marriage date? July 22, 2006. Another bittersweet time of year.

Number of siblings: Just 1, three years younger. A brother. Who still gives me bear hugs in an attempt to crack my ribs. Because he’s still ticked off that I used to lock him in his room when he was 4.

Oranges or apples? Apples. You can do so MUCH with apples! Apple pie…apple tarts….apple butter…apple cake…apple cider…applesauce…apple juice…baked apple…apple cobbler…apple. Seriously, it’s the Bubba Gump of all the fruits.

Phobias and fears: sharks, heights, and death by fiery plane crash. My worst fear: falling from 30,000 feet in the sky in a fiery plane crash over the Atlantic and surviving…only to be eaten by Jaws.

Quote for the day: My favorite writer of all time is Liz Gilbert (Eat Pray Love, The Signature of All Things). She says so many great things that make me feel empowered or understood or loved or whatever, that it’s really hard to pick only one. But here’s one I just happened upon:

“You’re wishin’ too much, baby. You gotta stop wearing your wishbone where your backbone oughtta be.” 

That’s actually a quote by her friend Richard from Texas, but I’m certain it’s something Liz says to a lot of people now herself. I would like to have a Richard from Texas in my life one day. So, so much.

Reason to smile: Oh, so many. There are still beautiful sunsets and sunrises to look at. Babies are so sweet. Gorgeous sunny days. Beautiful songs that bring you peace. Hanging out with a good friend who really gets you and you don’t have to explain a thing to. An amazing story of any kind – via book, song, poem, photograph, oral retelling, painting, movie, live play. So, so many things are just lovely about our world.

Season? Summer. Actually, late spring going into summer. That time of year it’s not too hot but it’s not cold anymore. And gorgeous flowers.

Twitter or Facebook? Both. Twitter for connecting with complete strangers, Facebook for staying connected to friends/family. And I rarely mix the two (I’ve occasionally made an exception here and there, but only for people I can tell are really real).

Unknown fact about me: I once acted in a TV show, when I was 10. It was called Girl Scouts to the Rescue! and it was produced by the PBS station in Lexington, Kentucky. My Girl Scout troop had learned First Aid, so our show was about us taking a hike in the forest while camping, having a crap load number of first-aid-necessary foibles and accidents, and then demonstrating how to do first aid on them for all the good people of Kentucky who had access to PBS.

I had one line: “Come on, girls! Let’s put a tourniquette on it!” And I remember being so, so sad that (1) we weren’t filming on location – shouldn’t those be REAL rocks?? And is this astroturf grass? Are they serious?! …and (2) I never once saw the director – his voice came booming out of the ceiling. I was sad about that, too. Shouldn’t he be wearing a beret, sitting in a director’s chair with a megaphone screaming “CUT!!”? Also, he made me say my line about 10,000 times. First I said it too soft, then too loud, then not firm enough, then too happy, then not scared enough. Jesus God. How do you DO it, TV actors? God bless you. God bless you guys.

Vegetable I hate: Let’s discuss a vegetable I don’t hate – carrots. That’s about it. I mean, I eat vegetables. I like steamed kale occasionally if it’s seasoned right, and asparagus is okay if I’m in the mood for it. Like, I like a good salad but it has to have other things on it to disguise the vegetables…cheese/nuts/drowning in blue cheese dressing.

Worst habit: Technology. I really need to stop caring about what’s happening on it. Technology is both connecting and disconnecting us.

Xrays I’ve had: Just my left foot, 5th metatarsal specifically, almost in the Jones fracture area. Last time I looked a year ago it was still showing a very minor fracture line. Broke it climbing a gate at work. Which I was told was NOT, in fact, eligible for workers comp since it’s not expressly written in my contract that I should climb 7 foot chain link fences after work hours. (But what if I was a stunt double?? THEN what, huh?? Directors are so picky…surely, I’d need to practice climbing the fence a lot. First I’d climb it too fast..then too slow…then too happy…then with more fear…Honestly. Stunting’s exhausting, y’all.)

Your favorite food? Oh my god. I love food, you guys. It’s a PROBLEM. Pizza with pepperoni/olives/sausage/green peppers/onions…side of beer. But I also can eat my weight in Chinese food. And I heart sushi a lot. And pad thai. And salmon – I so love a good, pan seared salmon.

Zodiac sign: Pisces. I don’t really buy into the astrological thing, but I do love Rob Brezny’s horoscopes. And every time I read something about Pisces women, I think: woah! Are they in my brain?! But other than that, it’s totally quack science. (But I do come out INFP every single time I take one of those Myers-Briggs tests…and there’s a color personality pop psychology thing sometimes workplaces make their employees take so they can work together better which I think is just silly. On that thing, I always come out neon blue, with a lot of red. Which means I’m purple, which is a mystical color.) (On the color quiz, blue people are touchy-feely/emotional creatures and reds are people who live on the edge, who flirt with danger, who think you can take all your rules and just shove them where the sun don’t shine. It explains so much about me – I flirt with danger, and then fall in love with it. All. The Time.)