random things – volume i, issue 1.


from time to time, i just post whatever random things happen to be in my brain or happen to be going on in my life. today is your lucky day – it’s random things time, january 3, 2016 edition.


  • see that floor lamp? last night, i put that floor lamp together. all by myself. i opened up the box, and went: whoa! no way, jose! what am i? bob vila? when I saw all the little pieces. but then i said to myself, “self. it is time to start figuring shit out.” and that’s what me and myself did with that lamp: figured that shit out.
  • I have 1 comment on this blog. i cannot figure out what it says. i think it’s just a pingback, and i think it’s a pingback i created by linking in one blog entry i wrote here to a different blog entry i wrote here. however, it’s driving me nuts. because what if it’s not a pingback i created? what if it’s a crazy person, and as soon as i approve it, their crazy is on my blog? i know i can just immediately delete it, but then they win for, like, the 2 or 10 minutes it takes me to figure out how to delete their stupid crazy from my cozy little corner of the internet.
  • as a matter of fact, once i can figure out how to do it, i intend to close comments on this blog. read, enjoy, keep opinions to yourself. (it’s what i usually do.) (but if this makes you very sad, and you really really want to interact with me, i’ve got a public facebook page and a twitter. i’m a bit skittish on twitter nowadays, but if you’re super nice, don’t get creepy, use good manners, and are patient with me, i’ll be your friend. i’m super nice…to the non-obsessives.)
  • i don’t have a problem deleting crazy or mean comments. some people leave them up, because i guess they think it makes them the bigger person, or maybe they use a-hole commentary as a growing thick skin technique or something. nope, not this gal. you wanna be crazy or mean? go do that on  your own little piece of the web. i think it’s bad form to take your psycho bullshit and use someone else’s platform or attach someone else’s name to it. go be nutty on your own time because believe me, i’ve got enough of my own cray cray as it is and don’t have time, patience, room, or a good enough sense of humor for yours.
  • i hit my credit card limit the other day. target declined my card. you guys! target!! my store tribe!!!  i felt so betrayed. i knew it was coming, though. i knew setting up my apartment this summer was going to bite me in the ass later. it’s cause i have champagne tastes but a beer budget; this has always been an issue, but i used to live with someone who was more disciplined about money than i am. but crap, i was really hoping it wouldn’t happen til this spring.
  • i was hoping i wouldn’t hit my limit til the spring, because next month is my birthday month. february has been a weird, dark, hard month for me for many years running now, because it’s also the anniversary of my dad’s death…february 12, to be exact. then, 11 days later i have a birthday. nothing good ever happens in february, i find. so i was hoping to take myself off for a long weekend in the mountains somewhere. do some reading and writing, sit naked in a hot tub and drink wine. or, i was going to see if a couple of friends wanted to go too. as long as they were okay with me being off by myself to read/write. and didn’t mind me sitting drunk and naked in the hot tub with them. (ha, no. i wouldn’t do that actually…though i once did do it with another friend i – sadly – don’t talk to anymore. we didn’t realize the cabin had a hot tub, and neither of us had brought swimsuits. but she was european, i’m a slightly less repressed american, and we were both girls. so we figured…meh, who cares. nothing we both hadn’t already seen before.) (i sense if we’d both been insecure, repressed american, hetero dudes, that would not have been the case.)
  • i have, literally, 18 bottles of Corona Lite in my refrigerator that i bought way back in september for some weird reason i can’t remember now…probably because it was still hot, and i missed summer. at any rate, it’s all sitting in the crisper drawer where the vegetables go. i think it’s safe to say eating healthy in 2016 isn’t at the top of my priorities list. i have started a start-running-again program, though. baby steps, in 2016. baby steps.
  • in 3 days i go back to work. but i’m not maniacally depressed about it like i normally am. kind of a little sad that i can’t sleep in like i have been. i’m in a slight, very slight, funk that i won’t have time throughout the week to run errands whenever i feel like it. but i’m actually looking forward to having somewhere to go, something to keep me out of my own head for 9-10 hours a day.


  • that’s my happiness/gratitude jar. i got the idea last year from writer-hero elizabeth gilbert, but i wasn’t feeling very grateful or very happy and so I didn’t do it. this year, i wasn’t very grateful or very happy either, but finally hit rock bottom with it, and decided to turn that shit around. i said to myself, “self. you just can’t keep lying around all morose and crap. find something to be happy about, and turn that shit around.” and so i went to home goods, where my inner martha stewart finds all her best finds, and me and martha found us this jar for $9.99. now, every day, i will find ONE good thing about the day, even if it’s just something along the lines of: well. i didn’t die. i will write that down on a scrap paper of whatever, date it, and stick it in that jar. and miss m wants to do it with me. …,most of her grateful-happy scraps will say things like: “i’m my mommy’s best blessing.” and “i’m my daddy’s favorite.” and that is okay by me because i think it’s good to be someone’s favorite blessing.

so, let’s see…in summary: i’m practically rosie the riveter now but still feeling my way around wordpress, i need a sugar daddy asap, if you’re thirsty for beer come visit me, and i’m glad to be getting back to work because it’ll keep me busy and help me pay down my credit card so i can afford a mountain cabin where i can sit naked reading and drinking in a hot tub while cheerfully writing down what i’m grateful for and happy about.

i think january’s off to a fairly good start.