21 truths and a lie.

twotruthsI need to put up a flippant and ridiculous entry here. I sense my 2 readers and my mom also need me to put up a flippant and ridiculous entry here as well. I feel like I’ve been climbing cliffs. (No, seriously. And I’m actually now having vivid dreams about climbing cliffs – last night I dreamt I literally monkey barred it across a craggy cliff, 3000 feet above the ground. Normally, this type of dream would bring out all my vertigo issues, height phobias, and fears of death from plunging 3000 feet into an abyss and shattering into a million bloody pieces. But in this dream, I wasn’t scared at all – just really focused on making it across to the other side of the cliff. Stopped when it got tricky and focused hard, then went on. And when I got to the other side, I found myself in a room at Hogwarts. I think Hermione and I had some cupcakes and butterbeer together.) (I don’t know where the Harry Potter stuff came from as I’m not a Potterhead, but I don’t question my brain anymore.)

So you know that game Two Truths and a Lie? Yes, I’m going to play a version of it here. No, I do NOT care if you think this is further evidence I’m terribly narcissistic and you can just go F your judgmental self.  If you come here to judge me, that says more about you than me, I promise.

I submit the following, which are several truths about me and one lie. The next time I’m here I’ll tell you which one the lie is:

  1. No idea how to drive a manual car. If the Zombie Apocalypse is upon us and the only cars left to get away from them are all stick shifts, I will die. I will be eaten by zombies and I will die and/or become a zombie. I can’t decide which would be worse.
  2. I’ve acted in 3 plays and 1 television show.
  3. I once really wanted to be a nature priestess/witch, and tried to teach myself Wicca.
  4. I was lacto-ovo vegetarian for years yet never once refused bacon.
  5. My legs and arms are double jointed and when I was young and flexible, I could put both legs behind my head.(If I did this today, I’d rip a muscle in half or break a thigh bone.)
  6. I once performed a violin solo at a concert at Centre College in Danville, Kentucky. I also studied piano and flute and played bells in a marching band.
  7. I know how to ride a horse, and I’ve ridden English, Western, side saddle, and bareback.
  8. I’ve hung out backstage with Phil Anselmo of Pantera.
  9. I’ve had two broken bones and 2 surgeries.
  10. I’ve lived in 6 states.
  11. My favorite season is Spring.
  12. I’m related to George W. Bush.
  13. I’ve swum with sharks.
  14. I’m 1/2 Welsh and a mixture of Scottish, English, German, and (possibly) Apache Indian.
  15. I get mistaken for Cuban or Mexican a lot.
  16. I’ve met Barack Obama.
  17. I almost majored in Journalism in college, but I chose teaching because my paternal grandmother was a 3rd grade teacher.
  18. My favorite vacation spot is on the Gulf of Mexico.
  19. I barely passed my first driver’s test by 5 points. My mom made me wait another 6 months before letting me drive solo.
  20. I could eat salmon every night of the week and never get tired of it.
  21. My preferred wine is Riesling (that’s my German coming out) and my preferred beer is Blue Moon (that’s my Belgian) (joking – I don’t have Belgian in me).
Here's someone who's all lies and occasionally a distorted half-truth.
Here’s someone who’s all lies and occasionally a distorted half-truth.