first day of summer.

image source: razmatazmag.com

I just want to share songs today. Are you okay with that? If I share songs? I’ve started about 3 entries here and they all devolve into crappy crap and I just don’t think any of you want to read that right now. It’s the first day of summer. Let’s celebrate with music.

I make a new playlist every summer. I just put Summer 2016’s playlist on shuffle. Here are the first 15 songs that shuffled through & why I love it:

The Devil Went Down to Georgia (Charlie Daniels Band)

I like Charlie’s voice and lilting Southern accent. I think if Satan has Charlie Daniel’s voice, I will let him win.

Make You Feel My Love (Adele) 

I have so many Adele songs on so many playlists in my Spotify account it’s not even funny. Adele is my spirit sister in music.

Jesus to a Child (George Michael)

Every time I see George Michael now, I always think of being in college and mooning over his swarthy Greek looks and small, twitchy bum. (College girls are ridiculous.) This song is in a minor key that’s more minor than all the minor keys ever invented, and it’s about love and loss and pain. If I listened to it on repeat a million times, and I probably could, I think my soul would go drinking with Charlie Daniel’s devil and we’d sing Adele songs to each other all night long. Sobbing, I’d hand him over my soul and he, weeping, would give it back to me and then go apologize to God.

Kiss From a Rose (Seal)

One time I went to this Unity Church and they invited everyone who wanted to up to the front to be anointed. The minister used holy oil and made the sign of the cross between my eyebrows. He had clear, see-through kind blue eyes. I remember truly feeling anointed and blessed. That’s what this song reminds me of.

Bella Luna (Jason Mraz)

Would you do me a favor and go read the lyrics to this song while it plays on YouTube and then tell me what YOU think it’s about? I have no idea what the hell this song is about – marble dogs chasing cars to the farthest reaches of the beach, far beyond into a swimming sea of stars? Something tells me someone had something strong to drink one night before bed, and the dream that happened was turned into this song. But it’s a lovely song, and it makes me want to learn how to tango for some reason.

He Loves Me (Jill Scott)

Jill Scott, queen. That is all.

True Colors (Cyndi Lauper)

You with the sad eyes, don’t be discouraged though I realize it’s hard to take courage in a world full of people you can lost sight of it and the darkness inside of you can make you feel so small.

Oh, I love her.

I’d Love to Change the World (Jetta’s version)

This is a musician named Jetta’s take on the 60s song I’d Love to Change the World. It is dark and dramatic and foreboding and ominous. Just like changing the world should be.

You Don’t Know Me (Ray Charles)

I would like someone to dance late at night with me to this song.

Pity Party (Melanie Martinez)

Miss M loves this song (and video). She re-enacts it, all day long. I’m saying no if she asks to paint half her hair light purple, though.

Que Hiciste (Jennifer Lopez)

What did you do? What did you DO??? You destroyed everything!! All hope! With your ego! Ah, but a new day comes tomorrow for me. For tomorrow your name will not be written in my verses, I shall not have a single word of regret, the wind will carry from me memories of you forever. You confused the love I gave you with my soul, but you have no permission to break me.

…a little angry, but the lilting Spanish softens it and I think it’s a good song for moving onwards and up.

Gangsta’s Paradise (Coolio)

Every gangsta needs to have this in their playlist, dawg. Even if that gangsta is on her way to the public library in her Nissan Altima with children’s books and melted crayons in the back.

Mermaid’s Tears (Brandon Fiechter)

Every time this song comes on, M gets distressed because it has no words. But that’s the POINT. Mermaids think in music, underwater, yo. Words?! Mermaids talk in TEARS.

Caramel (Suzanne Vega)

Oh, I love Suzanne Vega. This song makes me want to get dressed up like a 1950s housewife and go dancing with men I’m not married to, in a part of town I have no business being in.

She Used to Be Mine (Sara Bareilles)

This song makes me cry, every time. I’m not a waitress, but some days I feel like one.  Mixed up and baked in a beautiful pie. Gone, but she used to be mine. What this song says – yes, that’s exactly what it’s like.