Day 3! Of the 30 Day Writing Challenge I have set forth for myself. Oh my god you guys, I don’t want to mess it up or anything, but seriously…if I can do 17 more days of this, it’ll be a habit. An appropriate, healthy habit. At long last.

Today’s challenge is to write about 3 pet peeves. I will confess to you I really, really want to write about Donald Trump as he makes me feel extremely peevish. Because the Washington Post, no real fan of Hillary, has declared Donald dangerous to America. And Chris Christie just freaking told the entire American press that if Donald is elected the first thing he’s going to do is have Congress create a law to fire all of Obama’s appointees. Which is insane. And it’s insane because THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT HITLER DID WHEN HE WAS ELECTED. Oh my god, United States of America. Are we really doing this???? Are we actually, literally, really freaking doing this. I mean holy demented gestapo everybody…waaaaaait!

Wait. Okay. I’m sorry. I’m stopping. I can feel my blood pressure and sad despair rising again, and I promised myself not today. I went to bed frustrated, worried, sad, and mad about this psychotic maniac the Republicans have actually, freakishly nominated, this bastion of derangement who makes Sarah Palin seem like a beacon of sanity shining brighter than the sun, and I promised myself no Trump today. So let’s move on to other peevish things, shall we?

Here we go (in no particular order):

1-The word “bae.” I don’t understand it. Please stop saying it, humanity. Also, stop calling your men “daddy,” ladies of a certain age. If you’re sleeping with someone and calling him daddy and you’re not 2 years old, something is off about you and your…daddy. Gross.

2-Hypocrites. I cannot. I cannot. We all have our little hypocrisies…like, I sometimes refuse to let Miss M have candy when I know good and well there’s a nice little stash of M&Ms hidden in the back of one of the kitchen cupboards she’ll never ever know about. That’s self-preservation by hypocrisy. I’m talking BIG hypocrisy – like you judging someone for having an affair when you’ve got an account and have had multiple, numerous affairs yourself. Or back in 2008, you kept demanding Obama produce his long form birth certificate but today you’re the Republican nominee for President and you refuse to release your tax records. THAT kind of hypocrisy. There’s a big liar element to that type of hypocrisy, I feel. A slimy ease of being able to tell an untruth, and smile like a snake to yourself because you think nobody knows. Gross.

3-Men’s rights activists. They’re just slimy. I can think of no other good way to describe them except slimy. Men’s rights activists and racists who code their disgusting filthy hate talk with phrases like “European American rights.” In fact, I’m not sure I’ve ever run across a men’s rights guy who isn’t white. Either way, they’re disturbing, the lot of them. Filled with hate and a deep, unearned sense of entitlement. Had Hitler made it to the 21st century, he’d be a David Duke fan AND a men’s rights activist. Gross.

This was a little negative, sorry. I picked this 30 Day Writing Challenge thing because most of the assignments seemed pretty positive. So, to balance out the peevish I would like to share two treats from one of my favorite comic artists, The Awkward Yeti: