sing a little song.


Writing Challenge, Day 6: Ten Songs I Love Right Now.

I usually have music on in the background of my life, and I’ve long said I really think it’s unfair the Universe didn’t create us to have background music playing wherever we go so we always have a feeling we’re in the middle of a sweeping cinematic production. I feel like we’d be kinder to each other, know exactly who/what we’re dealing with (less war! smarter scheming), and we’d need less therapy because we’d GET IT. Maybe Apple can come up with something, since God refused to.

And what kind of music I have playing in the background of whatever I do just depends on my mood and what activity I’m doing at that moment. I don’t have any one particular kind of taste in music, and I’m trying to expose Miss M to lots of different kinds so she’ll have this freedom, too. (Right now, she gets perturbed if the songs don’t have lyrics she can sing with, because she likes to imagine herself a celebrated rock star or whatever.) Also, just so you know: song lyrics pretty much define where I’m at emotionally in different life periods. Like, you can tell a lot about me and where my head is at simply by the lyrics of the songs I’m drawn to that day. For example, I have a friend who says she can always tell when I’m sad because I haul out all my Damien Rice songs.

At any rate, here are some songs I like a lot right now, because they’re inspiring or beautiful or soothing or make me want to DANCE (I’m a terrible dancer):

1 – NO (Meghan Trainor).

My name is NO My sign is NO My number is NO You need to let it go You need to let it go Need to let it go Nah to the ah to the no no no no…I was in my zone before you came along…

I know men’s rights advocates say that women who use the word NO are stuck up bitches and stuff. But here’s the thing, men’s rights nutters: the reason we even have to say NO like this, the reason there are songs like this being written by women, is typically because of the kind of men who think they have rights when it comes to women and things women do or don’t do. If you’re a man who hates feminism because ooooh, they’re such mean bitches, this song was written for you. If you’re a man who thinks nice guys ALWAYS finish last, this song’s for you. If you’re a man who thinks physical attraction is just a tiny, unimportant little detail to landing the woman you want no matter how many times she’s emphatically told you she doesn’t want you that way, this song’s for you.

NO. Move along.

2- Dangerous Woman (Ariana Grande). I know. I KNOW. And I’m terribly embarrassed to admit I even like an Ariana Grande song. But this one I like. Because it’s the flip side from Meghan’s song NO – this song is for the man a woman IS attracted to, the one who gets it and genuinely loves women, the one who doesn’t view women as things to be conquered or maneuvered. In other words, the one she doesn’t need to keep saying NO to. And if Ariana is just a big ol’ No Can Do for you, then try this Beyonce remix of Crazy in LoveAnd if you can’t stomach that because that book-slash-movie, you can always try Beyonce’s Naughty Girl. (I do love me some Bey.)

3- Dancing in the Rain (Draco Rosa). I listen to this song when I workout. It makes me want to DANCE (in the rain). Robi Draco Rosa was one of the Menudos when I loved them. But I didn’t love him, I loved Charlie Rivera Masso who was also in the group. And I loved Charlie because Charlie was swarthy, and had bedroom eyes and a driver’s license. Today, I create elaborate daydreams about Charlie and Robi having duels over me in on the cobblestone streets of Old San Juan with the surf crashing in the background. And then dancing with them both. In the tropical Puerto Rican rainforest.

4- Is This Love (Bob Marley). I would like to put all the Bob Marley songs here, but I just picked this one because it happens to be at the top of my Bob Marley playlist on Spotify. My love for Bob Marley is deep and wide. It can’t be summer without Bob Marley playing, in my world. But sometimes, when I’m sad and cannot bear one more Damien Rice song, I go find Bob and he comforts me…even if it’s the middle of winter. He lays me down on a bed of soft Jamaican lyrics, and sings my tired soul to sleep. It’s hard to pick just one Bob Marley song I love right now.

Okay, fine, whatever. I think you should also know I love THIS and THIS and THIS song, too.

5- We’re Still Friends (Amy Winehouse). Gosh, she was tragic, wasn’t she? If you haven’t seen the documentary Amy, you should. Just because it’s such a good illustration of how tormented some people with tremendous talent can be. And what fame can do not just the person it happens to, but the people around them who are supposed to love them the best. I think the thing I took away about Amy was how desperate for love and validation she was yet didn’t believe in herself or love herself enough, in the end. Amy Winehouse makes me want to fight. And stay away from bad men.

6- Time to Say Good-bye (Sarah Brightman & Andrea Bocelli). This song gives me goosebumps, every time. I once had an Art teacher who told me whenever something gives you goosebumps, no matter what it is – a song, a painting, a poem, whatever – you are in the presence of true Art.

I also love all the songs from Phantom of the Opera. But this rendition by Lindsey Stirling? Oh, mwah! Could listen to it on repeat, all day. Also, I would like to dress in all of her costumes. ALL THE TIME.

7- Formation (Beyonce). This song wasn’t written for white people. Sorry, white people. But we can still like it, because Beyonce loves everybody. Except if you’re a woman, I think she loves you more. I like it because (a) it’s Beyonce, (b) she’s a black Bill Gates in the making, (c) she causes all this conversation, (d) her best revenge is her paper, and so (e) ladies get in formation. Also, whenever I watch the video, I can feel the South. The South is my adopted land, Atlanta my adopted hometown. The South is home, and this is what the South feels like to me. And also I really want to visit New Orleans – must check that off my bucket list at some point.

8- Ain’t No Sunshine (Bill Withers). I love this song, and I could listen to it on repeat right now, all the time. Other Motown songs I can listen to on constant repeat right now: Love Child (the Supremes), Respect (Aretha Franklin), I Wish (Stevie Wonder), and Got to Give it Up (Marvin Gaye). Basically all the Motown.

9- She Used to Be Mine (Sara Bareilles). This has kind of been my Summer 2016 theme song. That’s all I’m going to say about this one. Well, that and also the one about me holding out for a hero.

10- Anything by Diana Krall I love right now. Like THIS song, THIS song, and THIS song. But When the Curtain Comes Down speaks to my soul, and she made it with Steve Buscemi, and I love Steve Buscemi.

That was way more than ten songs. But that’s just me: rules schmules.