Day 9: Words of wisdom.

I don’t really feel like writing a whole lot today. So since I spend quite a bit of time on Pinterest pinning quote memes, I’m going to let other people do my work for me today. (The writing challenge is for me to write about words of wisdom that speak to me.)

There are lots and lots of people out there in the world who are far wiser, far more adept at living than I am, and probably my favorite wise person is Rumi. I love me some Rumi, and I’m pretty sure if world governments would do what he said to, we’d be okay on this planet.

Here are some of my favorite wise words from Rumi:


Another way to sum this up: “What you seek is seeking you.” Which basically means, ask for what you want and the Universe will immediately conspire to bring it to you. (So be prepared for what shows up.)


It’s okay to sit with your Darkness. To get to know it. Don’t ever let anyone tell you it’s not. Understand your own mess, and you’ll be stronger for it, I promise.

I don’t know who said this, but I agree with it:


I think most people are just trying to be good people, to do their best, and we all mess up. But when there’s abuse involved, be it verbal, emotional, physical, or sexual, then you actually do NOT have to accept “I’m sorry,” no matter what society, your religious teachings, your friends, the author of that one self-help book you’re reading, and your abuser tell you. You don’t have to accept “I’m sorry,” and it is absolutely okay NOT to forgive your abuser. If you want to spend the rest of your life fixing yourself because of what was done to you, then you go right ahead. ABUSE IS NOT OKAY. In any form. Ever.





And this one. Art isn’t always pretty, because Life isn’t. Knowing your darkness, befriending it, sitting with it awhile – that’s okay, too. It’s okay to cry, it’s okay to mourn, it’s okay to wallow occasionally. I think people who know and understand their own darkness are more in touch with their light. And our artists, our best artists, help us sort all that out because they get us thinking and (more importantly) talking.

And last, but not least…for me to put up an entry about words of wisdom without including the thoughts of my beloved Elizabeth Gilbert would be tragic. And so here’s something she wrote in Eat, Pray, Love that is particularly poignant for me right now – I just sat and wept over this (again) for the umpteenth time, and can’t say anything better than what she said: