more january journal, new years eve wish.

New Year’s Eve, 2016. I’m feeling a mixture of Thank-freaking-god and Wait-I’m-not-ready! right now. So anyway. January (started in December) reflections: 4-What is my best memory of 2016…my best memory…you know what? For such a crap year, I actually have quite a few lovely memories. In April, my mom and stepfather took Miss M and… Continue reading more january journal, new years eve wish.

living out loud

bye 2016 (you bastard).

Everyone’s talking about it, so why not: Can I tell you how hard Carrie Fisher’s death hit me? Real hard. Worse than Bowie’s. Worse than lovely Alan Rickman’s. Worse than funny Victoria Wood. Worse than Muhammad Ali’s. Worse than Zsa Zsa Gabor’s. Worse than Gene Wilder’s. Worse than John Glenn’s. Worse than Patty Duke’s. Worse… Continue reading bye 2016 (you bastard).