interview with a teenager.

I need to think/write/talk about somebody other than Donald. Come with me while I do some more figuring myself out/self-revelation. (Note: halfway through, I realized these questions were thought up by a teenager, about things that teenagers worry about…AND I WAS DELIGHTED, yet also slightly horrified by what teenagers worry about): This is seriously going… Continue reading interview with a teenager.

living out loud

countries and twitter and trump oh my.

Well, I made it almost about 2 (?ish?) weeks off of here, and (mostly) non-essential parts of the Internet (mostly). More than anything, I just trolled Donald Trump on Twitter. I figured if the President-elect is going to act like a troll, he must be cool with his citizenry trolling him back. Amiright? (Iamright.) Can… Continue reading countries and twitter and trump oh my.