Internet, we are on a break.

I had a really bad bad baaaad day on Saturday. Without going into too many details, I complete lost it on a dear friend (who’s a better person than I am, who’s also got an open heart and is a good listener) and I’m just. Y’all. I have GOT to pull my life together.

These pills I’m on aren’t really helping, is what I’m saying. Oh, I’ll keep taking them because god forbid I go through what I went through a couple of months ago when I quit them cold turkey (what does that even MEAN??). And I do think they help with anxiety somewhat. But in terms of me being able to focus and address things that need to be top priorities for me vs focusing and worrying about things that aren’t, they are not helping at all. That’s a behavioral/choice issue, I think. And in terms of being able to get out of my own head and stop internalizing stuff…I actually don’t think they make a pill for that. I think that might require something far more drastic, such as a lobotomy.

So. For the rest of January through mid-February, I decided I need a break from the non-essential portions of the Internet. I need to be on the Internet for work and (if can pull myself together) writing purposes, and I’ll stick with Facebook because that’s where I put all my best, most important people. Otherwise, we’re on a break. 

Life. It’s a doozy. But I suppose it wouldn’t be as interesting if it wasn’t.