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countries and twitter and trump oh my.

Well, I made it almost about 2 (?ish?) weeks off of here, and (mostly) non-essential parts of the Internet (mostly). More than anything, I just trolled Donald Trump on Twitter. I figured if the President-elect is going to act like a troll, he must be cool with his citizenry trolling him back. Amiright? (Iamright.)

Can we talk about this lunatic for a bit?

It’s not really that he’s insane (which he does look like he is). It’s not even that he’s a Twitter troll and has thin skin and not a single clue what statesmanship even remotely looks like. It’s that he’s so freaking MEAN. And if there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s mean people. Even people who just get in those soft little digs at you. Words do hurt, especially if you’re already of the self-hatred variety. When people tell me horrible things about myself, I internalize them. Even if/when these things are outright lies I know are  not true. I internalize them, I worry they may be right, etc and so forth. And THAT’S what bugs me about mean people.

I also worry he’s going to establish a dictatorship. He’s for sure a tyrant. At least on social media he is. And how he conducts himself during press conferences. America has never ever had a president who can’t handle criticism (at least publicly can’t handle it…I know Nixon had a few meltdowns in private…or, you know, on tape). America has never had a president who acts like, well, one of its citizenry. One of the reasons you won’t ever see me run for a public office is because I know myself. I simply can’t handle the crap that will fly at me. Ditto for why you’ll never see me become an AP or a principal of a school. More money does not equal more happiness. And neither does more power. Even in the form of servant-leadership, which I think is why a lot of people decide to become leaders, at least initially.

Which I think Donald Trump missed the memo on.

This is the kind of country, and world, I want to live in:

I want a country (and world) that values stories. And art. And music. I want us to go back to the days when schools weren’t as much about data as they were about hugs and listening to kids. You know when my happiest moments at work are? When I’m hugging a child. I have kids who actively seek me out (and me them) JUST to get a hug. People need to be hugged. People need to be seen and heard and know they matter. Some kids are never, ever going to pass a test. But they’re super fabulous at whatever talent they happen to be good at (for some children, it’s just talking jive, and seriously…I’m totally okay with it. Except I can’t be okay with it in atmospheres that value test scores that I need to get good evaluations in, and I HATE this situation for those kinds of children).

Everybody needs to learn to read, write, and do basic math. Everybody needs to be encouraged to go as far as they can possibly go in life. Everybody needs a mentor (or ten). Everyone needs a tribe.

What does Donald Trump offer us in that respect? For that matter, what did Barack Obama? Or George W. Bush? Vladmir Putin and his BFF Assad offer bombs and terror. So does ISIS, if you want to be part of that kind of a tribe. But I promise there are no hugs. And no one cares about your story/stories. They use you; you are merely a stepping stone for them.

One of the reasons so many people are sad about Barack Obama and his family leaving the White House (me included) is because it feels like the end of an era, the death of a dream, the last chapter of a book about Hope.

I’m not really sure what to do about that. I’m not really sure how to feel as January 20 gets closer and closer. I hear, in person, Donald Trump is very sincere and easy to talk to (so was Saddam Hussein, though, if you ask the people who interviewed him after he was captured). From what I’m watching on Twitter and from him (take out the media, forget the press coverage), I swing between incredulous (is this SERIOUSLY happening????) to utterly terrified (is this how democracy ends???? in the hands of a reality TV star famous for firing people?????). I don’t know. I don’t have anything pithy to offer right now. I don’t have any wisdom or helpful quote/memes or witty comments. I’m just…please help us? Universe? I know God (as I see God) doesn’t take sides; She (He, It, Whatever) just Is. But please. My country needs an intervention. Do You not see the behavior on Twitter???? On Facebook??? On our Internet which surely You gave the divine concept to invent for some unknown purpose????

Today I had an interaction with a man named “Dan” who told me I was tacking up Twitter because I noted that Donald’s advertising for companies and his mugs was tacking up Twitter. (LOL hysterically laughing emoji, trust: Twitter does not need ANY help tacking itself up; check out its billions of porn bots if you wonder what I’m talking about.)

At any rate: Dan told me I was tacky. And I came back with a pithy NOT LIKE YOU ARE response. And then I went and looked around Dan’s page. While clearly not very educated, Dan apparently has people he really loves in this life: he wished a friend of his Merry Christmas, and told someone else he was thinking about them and hoping they were doing okay. And that’s when I thought: why are we being mean to each other? We’re in this together. This crazy lunatic who got himself elected is going to either start a war on account of a tweet or we’re all going to be forced to learn Russian so we can pledge allegiance to our new commander in chief Vlad. Dan and I are going to need to lean on each other. And so I reminded Dan about how loving Jesus was.

I don’t think it’ll have much of an effect on Dan, but my point was: we’re going to need each other.

I don’t know. Confession: I’ve had a few Cokes&Black Velvets tonight, so I’m rambling more incoherently than usual (I KNOW…listen: just be grateful you aren’t actually sitting next to me right now). I’m just…holy crap, y’all. SIX DAYS. I’m writing frantic letters to the Universe to make it okay, please make it all turn out okay. Please please please.

That is all.

Oh no! WAAAIITTT! Can I end on a silly note? I’ve also been on Pinterest tonight cracking myself the crap up with stuff like THIS:

i ONLY want to be part of families like this.