living out loud

divided wisdoms.




I know people who love me and are connected to me on Facebook think I’m looney tunes. Two of them won’t speak to me now, and quite frankly? I don’t want to speak to them for awhile either.

I really appreciate people who are able to read through my pain and hear what I’m trying to say. I know a handful of people who can do that. I wish I was like them.

Can I share some things that have been said to me over the last 24 hours or so that have really helped me, that I’ve gone back to read over and over again because they’ve helped me? (I don’t have their permission to share, so I hope I don’t get in trouble with them.)

“Facebook is the thanksgiving dinner, where people try to be on their best behavior. They don’t know how to deal well with conflicts there, and the interface isn’t designed for conflict resolution, or damage mitigation.” (NOW you tell me, Chris. <3)

“Simple equation: you know you have a backbone when you no longer care whether anyone thinks it’s too hard or not.” (I’m still getting to know this geek, but he’s smart. And also he says things like that in a British accent, and so that makes him even smarter. And fancy.)


And this poem (also by Chris, who writes nicer poetry than I do):

Beautiful butterflies on flowers on the trail

A hike in the hills on a sunny afternoon

Music nearby from birds of all kinds

Nature is our home, in all its colors

We are her guests, her children

We are part of it all, the beauty and the pain

The day, the night, the circle of life

We don’t walk together because it’s always nice

Often we huddle and struggle against beasts

We travel together, hand in hand

Because being alone isn’t safe anymore

It never really was, for wolves are about

Let’s not fear, however

For as brothers and sisters

We survive the darkness

And see the morning sun

The rain and the wind,

The flowers on the path

And all the butterflies.

I’m going to quit hanging out on Facebook and start hanging out with artists. Is what I’m saying. I’m going to create peace and calmness for myself through Art.