spiritual seeds.

‪I had dinner with two women from my tribe last night. I’ve known them for almost 20 years. We used to see each other almost every day at work, and now we meet for dinner at least twice a year because Life changes and has flung us to different places. Like, one of us was missing because she moved to Louisiana (from whence she originally came). Eventually, the three of us left in Georgia will take a girls’ road trip to see her though. We will bring the tribe to her.
I remembered a lot last night: I was reminded via photo that my right side is my bad side, and that I need to start the Paleo Diet or something and get back to running (I keep saying this but then I come home after work and sleep or mentally/spiritually check out via the Internet…I do a lot of talking, actually, and don’t follow through; it has now become increasingly critical I change this). 
I also remembered the Universe brings us people who we have always known and, after enough time passes and we realize they are still with us in spite of ourselves and everything else, we have grown roots with these people. They are our spiritual family, and by meeting and keeping them, whenever we are with them we are home. (I have a lot to say about this in regards to love relationships as well, because I think these are similar but with a twist and we don’t always want to hear or face the truth about them – god knows I don’t – but this will take too long and I’m already off-tracked as it is.)
So one of the takeaways from dinner w/friends last night was that, very soon and under the right circumstances, I need to write a letter.‬
The letter needs to be calm and professional but very truthful, because I have the power to be a voice for those who are voiceless right now.‬
That sometimes we’re placed in situations where we have a certain gift or a talent the Universe gave us, and we are forced into a place where it can be used for good.‬
And that if we don’t use it when given the opportunity, this is always a spiritual failing. The Universe won’t judge us for this failing, but It will continue to place us in similar situations until we make the right choice and do what we were supposed to do the first time (or other 300 times…human evolution, physical and spiritual, often seems to creep at a sloth-like pace.)
The people/issue my letter will address will likely not change, but change doesn’t happen overnight or with spectacular fireworks. Like human spiritual and physical evolution, it happens in baby steps, in sloth-like scooches. So my words will be seeds planted in brains and hearts, because this is where all Life and New begins: from seeds.‬
But I have to be in the right head space when I write the words – the words can’t come from hatred…anger, yes, but they have to come from a place of Love and Kindness (you can be angry but still be and feel love and kindness).‬
Last night reminded me I have needed to write these words for a long time, I’ve crossed paths with other people who’ve shown me I needed to write them, and the particular people I’ve crossed paths with who are showing me (for the 300th time again) I need to write them are just fresh canvases the Universe is painting on, because I didn’t notice the other paintings the other time and It has had to try again. As It usually does. With me. 
Also: it will probably be one of the most important things I ever write, and I have to be prepared to go public with it if necessary, because the energy I’m dealing with prefers the dark.‬
So. Obviously, Internet, it was an empowering dinner.‬
I’m really tired but I’m also ready to start making some key changes to how I do Life.‬
I also really like how I can see things, really F’d up things, that have happened over the last several years, and how they’ve prepared me for this.‬ At the time I was dealing with them, all I could think was W….T….F. Now I see how having to interact with that person taught me to understand this person, and how the relationship with that person helped me make better choices with this one.
Yet I am glad for my rocks, my roots, the people I have known for all of my life or half of it, because they are my compasses. 
And last: I don’t care what or why you do what you do…childhood trauma, bad life experiences, whatever. We all make choices and do things that are confusing and hurtful to other people. Bullies though. Man. Bullies are different. Bullies who actively work to hurt and abuse other human beings to feel better or get ahead? They, at some point, had the option just to be a mess of a person or a real piece of sh!t. And they chose the latter. Bullies need to exposed for who and what they are.‬ All the time. They are souls in need of seeds.
And that’s why we’re here. To shine our Light, however small, into the Darkness. Figure out what your Gift is so you can start. And be brave.‬
The End.