living out loud

thinking out loud.

I did decide to shut this place down and start over. Sucks because the dot com is paid for through November or December, and I prefer having a dot com…it looks more professional. 

Right now I’m thinking about what kind of content I want to put on the new place…more writing-focused, but I’m a confessionalist/memoirist by nature so there will still be that. And when I’m not existing in a dark world of DOOM, I like to be ridiculous and have fun and so hopefully there will be some of that. I might just set up a writer website on WordPress–I do like WordPress’ format. 

It’ll be a process and I can’t do anything til I get paid again (once a month checks are hard, Internet). So I may come back to write some more here while I’m in the revamping/moving process. Just in case anyone is wondering. Or not. (I had some time open up in my day and just felt like thinking out loud.)